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Miami-Dade July 8, 2020— Nelson E. Rincon, Managing Partner of AVZIRE Consulting LLC, has been invited to join South Florida Business Journal Leadership Trust, an exclusive community for influential business leaders, executives and entrepreneurs in the South Florida area.


Nelson was chosen for membership by the South Florida Business Journal Leadership Trust Selection Committee due to his experience, leadership and influence in the local business landscape and beyond. Nelson is the managing partner and international tax services practice leader at AVZIRE, a global management consulting firm oriented to mergers and acquisitions, international tax (with leadership distinctions awarded in the past by the International Tax Review magazine in London), corporate structuring, corporate finance (awarded as a member of the100 global leaders in finance), ATS (Above the Standard) procurement and supply chain consulting services, human capital (AVZIRE Human Capital LTD, London Office in association with ANTAL International), corporate branding and digital transformation.   

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